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Physiology encompasses teaching and research in different areas of basic physiological sciences targeting undergraduate and postgraduate students.It provides services to the faculty of Veterinary Medicine,Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture.
Name Area of Specialization

Head of Physiology Section


Dr.Oduma Jemimah Achieng';

BSc (Dar), Msc, PhD (Nairobi)

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Dr. Oduma is a Senior Lecturer in Physiology at Dept of Vet. Anatomy & Physiology (UoN), She acquired B.Sc. with Education.(Zoology, Botany/Education) Upper 2nd Class at University of Dar es Salaam in1975, in 1988 MScReproductive Physiology University of Nairobi, 1998-  PHD – Animal Physiology (UoN),1998 Lecturer, Animal Physiology College of Veterinary Sciences (UoN), From 1999 to present Senior Lecturer, Dept of Vet. Anatomy and Physiology, College of Veterinary Sciences, University of Nairobi.


PROF. MALOIY GEOFFREY M OLE;Bsc. (Br.Col), PhD (Aberd.), DSc. (Duke),DSc.(Nrbi)

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Prof Maloiy acquired B.Sc in 1964 at University of British Columbia, Canada, Ph.D.in1968, Aberdeen University, Scotland F.I.Biol. London, U.K.1979 D.Sc.(Hon).1982, Duke University, U.S.A.  D.Sc.1985, Aberdeen University, Scotland. Current position Professor of Animal Physiology, University of Nairobi. Defended his Doctor of Science thesis titled, "Studies in integrative Animal Energetics and Metabolism: Structural and Environmental Correlates" in June 2013. He is Director of Science, Institute of Animal Physiology and Biotechnology Research from 1992 to date.


Dr.Kimwele Charles Nguli,BVM,MSc,Phd(St.Andrews)

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A graduate of Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, became interested in Physiology taking an MSc in comparative mammalian physiology, studying the effects of the growth hormone on the Nile crocodile, Crocodiylus niloticus. Was a commonwealth Scholar , undertaking Ph.D that studied the unique mating system if the ostrich, Struthio camelus maasaicus using molecular short tandem microsatellite markers. Currently interested in molecular genetics and have been engaged in research in the areas of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for trypanotolerance in N’dama and Boran backcross cattle under natural tsetse challenge; assessment of genetic diversity of a small fragmented and endangered population of the east african bongo antelope (tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci) using molecular genetic markers; estimating the prevalence of bushmeat utilisation in Kenya; elephant forensics and genetics and ENOS gene expression in differentiation of myofibroblast associated with pulmonary fibrosis.

Served as an adjunct Professor and a Visiting Scott Professor of Physiology at Western Kentucky University; Was Chairman, Youth for Conservation; Scientific Advisor – Kenya Coalition for Wildlife Conservation and Management (KCWCM); served as Chairman, Board of Directors and Scientific Advisor, Africa Network for Animal Welfare and Member; member, Board of Directors, ANAW-US; Member, Policy Committee,  AWAKE (Animal Welfare Action Kenya); Member,  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Biosafety,  Animal Use, Care and Ethics committee; WSPA/African consultant – Research, Policy and International Relationships. Currently Vice-Chairman of the Ministerial Task force on animal welfare Policy and Legislation.

Dr.Towett Philomen Kipkemoi,BVM,MSc,Phd

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Dr. Towett acquired BVM (UON, 1989), MSc (UON, 1992), Ph.D. (UON, 2004) became assistant lecturer from 1st August 1989 to Nov. 26th 1992, became Lecturer from 26th November 1992 to date. He has these  Professional QualificationsVeterinary Surgeon, Physiology lecturer, Neuroscience (area of research) 

Dr.Peter Mathiu Mbaabu,BVM(Nairobi),PhD (Hawaii)

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Mbaabu Mathiu is a seasoned Facilitator, Mediator and Consultant with in-depth experience in research, teaching, academic supervision and demonstrated leadership skills. His experience includes; Strategic Planning, Resource Mobilization, Conflict Transformation, Peacemaking and Mediation,  Environment policy formulation, Terrestrial wildlife and aquatic ecosystem health, Biodiversity information management, Biodiversity conservation assessment and management  planning, Red listing, Forest Certification and a Registered Lead Expert in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audit (EA). He is an Environmental Veterinarian and a Senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi with vast experience in livestock health, production and livelihoods in Africa. 1988    Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences (Environmental Physiology), University of Hawaii, 1984    Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine University of Nairobi.

Dr.Jacob Ole Miaron,BVM,PhD

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Dr. Jacob Olongida Ole Miaron was the Permannet Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock Development.

Before this appointment, Dr. Miaron worked as the Permannet Secretary in the Ministry of State for Heritage and Culture, in the Office of the Vice President.

Was previously Permanent Secretary the in the Ministry of Livestock Development. Dr. Jacob was born in 23rd November 1957. Dr. Jacob holds a PHD from University Of Alberta ,Canada and a Master Of Science from the same University.

Dr. Jacob has previously worked as chairman in the Department Of Veterinary Physiology at the University of Nairobi, Senior lecture University of Nairobi, Lecturer Department of Animal physiology, University Of Nairobi and an assistant lecturer Department of Animal physiology, University of Nairobi.

Dr Jacob is trained in radiation safety and University Leadership Training. He is a member in Kenya national Academy of sciences, International Association for the study of pain(Kenya chapter),Kenya physiological Society, Kenya Veterinary Association. Dr.Jacob has specialized in the Physiology of Animal and a Consultant on drug residues in Foods of Animal Origin and especially Beta-Agonists. He has contributed in various publications Widely published Nationally, Regionally and Internationally in Area of Specialization and published 38 Publications including co-authorship in a book “Ethnoveterinary Practices in East Africa.”

Dr.Nyongesa Albert Wafula,BVM,MSc (Nairobi)

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After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nairobi in November 1998, Dr. Nyongesa  registered with the Kenya Veterinary Board.He was then employed as  tutorial fellow in 2007 in department of Vet.Anatomy and Physiology,awarded Masters degree in 2007 and commenced PhD studies in the Mechanism of action of purified cathinone on behavioural and reproductive functions in vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops)”.  in  2010.He is still on course with his PhD work.

Dr.Dominic Omosa Ochwang'i,BVM,MSc(Nairobi)

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After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nairobi in November 2007, Dr. Ochwang'i registered with the Kenya Veterinary Board.He was awarded University of Nairobi Scholarship to do Masters in Comparative Mammalian Physiology.He got an Academic Research Enhancement Award by  Western Kentucky University, USA(2008-2009) to work on “Transcriptional Regulation of Nitric Oxide Synthase 3 gene in Pulmonary Myofibroblasts differentiation and the implications for this in pulmonary fibrosis.” Funded by NCRR, KBRIN and NIH.Dr. Ochwang'i was then employed as  tutorial fellow in 2009,awarded Masters degree in 2011 and commenced PhD studies in Cancer research 2012.Other interests include signalling and molecular biotechnology.


i)Cancer Research; drug development and pharmacognosy

ii) Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience Tests

iii) Gene expression assay.

iv) Recombinant DNA technology

v) Cell culture and transfections

vi) Geographic information systems with ArcGIS

vii) Geographic information Analysis with ArcGIS

viii) Qualitative Methods with Atlas ti.

Dr.Kaluwa Catherine Kaingu,BVM,MSc (Nairobi)

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I graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1991. I then worked as a Program Facilitator for Plan International Kenya where I was in charge of the Food Security Program in Kilifi Development Area. I was awarded a Nairobi University scholarship to pursue a Masters degree in Reproductive Biology in 2006.

 I was able to study the effect of Ricinus communis and Euclea divinorum extracts on isolated rabbit uterine strips. Dr. Kaingu was then employed as a tutorial fellow in 2009, awarded Masters degree in 2010 and commenced PhD studies in establishing novel contraceptive properties of medicinal plants in 2011.


i)                   Develop innovative contraceptive technologies,  that ensure women and men use and have access to a wide range of novel contraceptive methods.

ii)                 Natural products, endocrinology  and nanotechnology

iii)               Rights based programming;

iv)               Project planning, monitoring and evaluation

v)                 Qualitative research methods

vi)               Qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Dr.Stanely Wambugu;BVM,MSc (Nairobi)

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Dr. Wambugu became tutorial fellow in July 2009  at the Dept. of Vet. Anatomy & Physiology UoN. Teaching physiological sciences to undergraduate students in the faculties of veterinary medicine, agriculture and school of biological sciences. Currently Pursuing PhD degree (Majoring on medicinal plants used in management of painful joint conditions). Has RESEARCH INTERESTS in Physiological Sciences, Sustainable use of herbal remedies, Evolutionary and Conservational Biology, Neurophysiological and Pharmacological Effects on normal functioning of the body.
Technical  Staff  

Chief Technologist

Mr.Jackson Mugweru

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Current Chief Technologist Department of Vet Anatomy & Physiology. Attained Bachelor of Philosophy Industrial Biotechnology in 2012 at the Kenya Polytechnic University College, Higher national Diploma 1991 Kenya Poly, Diploma in Applied Biology 1990 Kenya Poly, Certificate in Anatomy from Instutite Fur Anatomie Physiologie and Hygiene Bonn University and Institute Fur Molecular Biology Bonn, Germany.

Mr.Stanley Gikundi Marete

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I am a trainee technologist in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology, University of Nairobi. I hold a certificate in artificial Insemination and Fertility Management.Currently I assist in undergraduate and postgraduate  practicals in the department. I also take care of laboratory animals in the department. My interest is working and care of scientific research animals.


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Ms. Kagina is currently a Senior Technologist Dept of Vet. Anatomy & Physiology. Aquired Diploma in Applied Biology in 1997  at Murang’a College of Technology,  Higher National Diploma in Applied Biology in 2006 from Kenya Polytechnic. 2005 Joined Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology University of Nairobi as Laboratory Technologist Grade ABC. 2011 to date: Senior Technologist Grade DEF Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology.

Other work experience 2000-2003: Christian Community Services (Mount Kenya East C.C.S) Laboratory Technologist. 1999(July-Dec) Machang’a Health Centre Laboratory technologist.

1999(Jan-June): Christian Approach to development in arid and Semi-arid  land-Kenya(CADASAL-Kenya). Kirathe Dispensary Laboratory technologist:

1998(March-Sept): Mayori Secondary School(Mbeere District) Labotatory technologist:-

1998(Jan –March): Kiritiri Health Centre(Mbeere District) Laboratory technologist

Mr.Robert Tsuma

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I am a Kenyan citizen. Currently I am a technologist in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology,UniversityofNairobi. I hold an Ordinary Diploma in Applied Biology

My interests are in animal physiology related research and industrial biology. In my position as a technologist I conduct undergraduate and postgraduate laboratory practicals and participate in research in the department.My employment history is:

September 1995:
Employer: Moi Forces Academy- Secondary Division.
Designation: Laboratory Assistant.
Immediate Supervisor: Head of Science Department.
Responsibilities: Work in Biology and Chemistry Laboratories, setting up of experiments,Availing of apparatus and other necessary materials to teachers and students when required,Maintenance of Biology and Chemistry Preparation stores.
February 1998 to September 2001:
Employer: Buru Buru High School.
Designation: Laboratory Assistant.
Immediate Supervisor: Laboratory in-charge Teacher.
Responsibilities: Work in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Laboratories,Setting up of experiments,Availing apparatus and other necessary materials to teachers and students when required, Maintenance of preparation room.
March 2003 to January 2005
Employer: Global Vision Secondary School
Designation: Laboratory Technician
Immediate Supervisor: Principal
Responsibilities: Preparation of Chemistry, Biology and Physics practicals,Setting up experiments,Assist in conduction of student laboratory practicals,Availing of apparatus and other necessary materials to teachers and students when required, Maintenance of Laboratory,Ordering and purchase of laboratory chemicals, apparatus and chemicals as required, Running of school library. I assisted to pioneer the creation and operation of the school library. I was appointed to be the school librarian.
February 2005 to current date
Employer:University of Nairobi,
Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences.
Work Station: College of Biological and Physical Sciences (Chiromo campus).
Designation: Technologist
Immediate supervisor: Senior Technologist

Mr.Gilbert Manyi

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Mr. Manyi is currently a cleaner at the Dept. of Vet. Anatomy and Physiology (UoN), was educated at St. Patrick Primary School, Mosocho  1970-197 and transferred to St. Peter Soko Primary School 1972- July 1976. 1977-1983 Employed at Jomo Kenyatta Foundation as storekeeper, supervisor, caretaker and groundsman.1986-1997 Employed at Mosocho Academy as a Plumber.1996-1997 Employed at Kisii Campus, Egerton University as Caretaker and groundsman.

Mr.Irungu Peter

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Am a Kenyan Citizen currently working in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology as a Senior Technologist. My responsibilities in the Department involves Undergraduate and Postgraduate practicals, Research activities and Consultancy work  including other duties assigned.I hold a Bachelor of Philosophy in medical Biotechnology from the Kenya Polytechnic University College.My interest includes the use of biotechnological tools in Laboratory diagnostics, Human and animal forensics

Mr.Kamonde Samuel

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Am a Kenyan Citizen working in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology as a Senior Technologist . My responsibilities involves undergraduate and postgraduate practicals, research and cosultancy work in the Department. My interest includes hematology. Acquired Pre-technician certificate – G2 1981 (Comprising of Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology). 1986 Ordinary Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. 1988.Higher National Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. 1986–1988 Junior Technician, UON, Department of Animal Physiololgy. 1991 became Technologist ABC, In 1992 became  Senior Technologist in the Department To date.

Mr Daniel Kwoba

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I was born in Bungoma District, schooled in Bungoma D.E.B Primary, partly in Kibabii high school and  eventually  in Kipsigak high school in the year 2005.I enrolled for a diploma in Medical laboratory Sciences at the Technical University of Kenya, in the year 2008 and thereafter completed in 2011.I also hold a certificate in computer  science from the University of Nairobi.From my high school I worked as an untrained teacher in various schools, casual employee in both Muhoroni agrochemical and Food Company and Muhoroni Sugar company, apprentice in CMC motors group shortly before I was employed by the University of Nairobi where I have been since August, 2008 up to date

Mrs.Catherine Ngaywa

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Am a Kenyan Citizen working in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology as a Technologist .My responsibilities involves undergraduate and postgraduate practicals, research and consultancy work in the Department. My interest includes molecular biology and Bioinformatics tools in research.Mrs. Catherine has a Higher National Diploma in Medical Technology (Microbiology) from the Kenya Polytechnic University of Nairobi College and a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science from the same institution.

Working Experience

From April 2009 to date i have been a technologist in the  Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology (ABC ) University on Nairobi.In 2009 i worked as a Sales Representative Chemo quip Limited and as a  Laboratory Technologist  in IBN Sinna Eye and Medical Clinic.In  2006 i worked as Laboratory Technologist (Volunteer) in Mbagathi District Hospital.In 2004 i was a  Laboratory Assistant University of Nairobi College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine and also in the same year worked as a Laboratory Assistant St James Hospital.I was an  Examination Officer Eldoret Polytechnic in the year 2000.

Ms.Susan Muthoni

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I attained my high school education from Moi Girls School, Isinya in 1998.I hold a Diploma holder of Business and Office Management from Inoorero University and currently a 3rd year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology undertaking Bachelor of Business and Office Management.I am a Senior Assistant Secretary At College of Biological and Physical Sciences in the Department of Vet.Anatomy and Physiology..
Units/Degree courses/Carrier opportunities
On-going research projects


1. Dr.Ochwang’i Dominic

Invitro pharmacophysiological anticancer potential of medicinal plants used in Kakamega County, Kenya

Registration number:J80/91721/2013

Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Mammalian Physiology student

June 2012-Present.

2. Dr.Kaluwa Catherine

Evaluation of antifertility properties of selected medicinal plants traditionally used in Tana River County, Kenya.

Registration number:J80/84361/2012

Doctor of Philosophy in Reproductive Biology student.


3. Dr Stanley Wambugu

Medicinal plants used in management of painful joint conditions In Machakos and Makueni Counties, Kenya.

Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Mammalian Physiology Student