The Biotechnology Centre
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Biotechnology Research Center
Principal – Dr. C. N. Kimwele
The biotechnology research laboratory is crosscutting on human and animal health and conservation primarily through the characterization and manipulation of molecular DNA tools for application in human and animal biosciences. Specifically the team is focusing on gene expression, anticancer therapy, and wildlife conservation genetics. The team comprises: 
1. PhD (UoN)
Dominic Ochwangi
2. Ph.D (JKUAT/UoN collaboration)
Use of Forensic DNA Technology In Conservation Of Elephants (Loxodanta Africana) In Kenya
Julius Mwangi Kinuthia
3. MSC (JKUAT/UoN collaboration)
Use Of Mitochondrial DNA Markers As A Forensic Tool For Wildlife Animal Species  
Edinah Kwamboka Song’oro  
4. MSC (JKUAT/UoN collaboration)
Wildlife Conservation In Kenya Using Cytochrome C Oxidase 1 Gene: A Molecular Tool In Forensics Science
Mururu Morris Mugambi
5.  MSc
Mbugua David J56/64915/2010 (UON)
Use Of Cytochrome Oxidase 1 Gene Region Isolated From Tissue For Species Identification Of Wildlife Animal Products
Left to right: Dr C N. Kimwele, Edna Kwamboka, Morris Mugambi, David Mbugua and Julius Kinuthia.









Dr.Ochwang'i Dominic working in the Biotechnology centre on Gene Expression Assay.




The Biotechnology Centre team: